How Travel Bloggers Could Use a Currency API to Their Advantage

In recent decades there has been a rise in people escaping the routine of their 9-5 jobs and seeking self-employment that allows them to travel the world whilst still earning a sufficient income. There is a wide range of jobs that allow people to work remotely and enjoy the lifestyle of a digital nomad. This type of work can encompass everything from being a remote developer or web designer to setting up a travel blog that allows you to gain income once you have a high number of followers and you begin to monetize your social media channels. 

Travel blogging can be an extremely enjoyable way to combine the joy of visiting exotic destinations with earning income from sponsorship and product placement. Today, many travel bloggers will use a currency API to allow them to make smarter decisions when abroad. In this article, two ways that using such an API will be discussed that offer significant benefits to travel bloggers.

Getting the best value

Many travel bloggers enjoy visiting faraway destinations that allow them to experience a completely different culture and way of life. Countries such as Thailand and Vietnam in Asia offer an experience for the traveler that encompasses different religions, a range of different languages, and unique food that is rarely seen in western countries. However, in these exotic countries, the currencies that are used may be difficult to understand for travelers.

It can be hard to know if you are getting the best value as a tourist when one dollar may convert to hundreds of even thousands in the currency of the host country. Thankfully, by using a Currency API, you will be able to benefit from accurate and up to date information on the cost of your transactions by quickly converting prices to your own currency. This will ensure that you make wise purchase decisions for all your goods and do not pay inflated prices due to a lack of understanding of the exchange rates. 

Security when on public Wi-Fi

Many travel bloggers will write their articles whilst on the move. This can include posting videos and updates while using hotel or other public Wi-Fi forms such as in shopping centers or cafes. When using a currency API in such settings, it is vital to ensure that any information sent or received is done so securely. Public Wi-Fi systems pose a threat to security as they can easily be accessed by hackers who may be able to see the information on your phone or laptop as you surf. 

However, a well-designed currency API from a reputable provider will come with SSL encryption as standard. This will ensure that any data that is transferred remains secure and transactions remain safe on unsecured networks.

To sum up

Travel bloggers benefit enormously from using a currency API as it gives them recent and reliable information on the value of currencies that allows them to make smart purchase decisions. This can be vital in countries that have wildly different exchange rates from your home currency. In addition, currency APIs will have SSL encryption as standard, which means you can use them on public Wi-Fi systems with an added layer of security from intrusion. 

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