Secret Corners Of Ibiza To Discover (Rare Places)

Secret Corners Of Ibiza To Discover (Rare Places)

No matter how many times you return, you will always have many secret corners of Ibiza to discover. The appeal of this island, known for its intense nightlife offering, goes beyond its busy clubs and discotheques, which fill the night with music and fun until dawn. There is another facet of the island that is calmer and more magical, full of treasures to explore.

Did you know that in Ibiza there are nearly 200 coves? With such a quantity, it is normal that you have some left to know. Don’t worry, because this time Julius Homes will talk to you about all those charming places that will make you fall in love with the island again and again.

Open your eyes wide and get ready to immerse yourself in the least explored Ibiza with nine secret enclaves.

The lesser-known places and secret corners of Ibiza

To enjoy the quieter side of Ibiza, one of two things is to either travel outside of the high season or go off the beaten path. On this occasion, we propose a different tour so that you can enjoy the lesser-known gems of the island practically alone. Below, are nine more reasons to surrender to the charms of Ibiza.

Cala Llentrisca

If you feel like relaxing in a piece of the sea for your exclusive use and enjoyment, then Cala Llentrisca will be your favourite spot. Located in the southwestern corner of the island, approximately one kilometre from the town of Es Cubells, it is a solitary beach where crystal-clear waters appear in the middle of a steep terrain dotted with fishing huts. Not in vain, they are the ones who may be wandering around there, getting their boats ready.

Cala Llentrisca does not have any facilities or services for tourists, hence it is a diamond in the rough in which to lie down under the radiant summer sun, free from the crowds typical of the most famous coves and beaches. It is a top spot, also for divers, because of the Posidonia on the seabed.

Old Bridge of Santa Eulalia

In the midst of the frenzy that the tourist town of Santa Eulalia del Río experiences during the high season, it is still possible to find corners where tranquillity still reigns. The old bridge, or Roman bridge, hovers over the river which, a little further on, begins its encounter with the sea.

To get to the old bridge, you can walk along the beach of the municipality until you access the Camino del Río. Little by little, you will leave the hustle and bustle behind and immerse yourself in the beauty of a bridge that until a century ago was the main access to Santa Eulalia.

Today it is a place where you can breathe peace and where you can only hear the murmur of the ducks and other birds in the environment.

Culleram Cave

The municipality of Sant Joan, in the north of the island, which delights locals and visitors with a craft market every Sunday and is home to beaches as beautiful as Portinatx, has other attractions. The Culleram cave is another of the secret corners of Ibiza, an enclave dedicated to the goddess Tanit, the divinity of sexuality and fertility.

Before enjoying a day at the beach in the nearby Sa Cala de San Vicent, it is worth visiting this cave where stalactites are part of the landscape. In this place, five thousand terracotta figures have been found and are exhibited in the Museum-Necropolis of Puig des Molins. Without a doubt, this is a great plan for the whole family.

Atlantis Cove

Cala Atlantis reveals a mystical landscape very close to the famous Cala d’Hort. Apparently, the rock formations of this corner of Ibiza captivated a community of hippies a few decades ago, who decided to carve mysterious figures into the rock. Atlantis, thus, takes visitors to a fantasy world due to the dreamlike nature it gives off. But its magic and charm don’t stop there.

It is strategically located right in front of the islet of Es Vedrà, making it a formidable corner to watch the sun go down. The natural pools formed over time turn this site into one of the secret corners of Ibiza that you will love to discover at any time of the year.

Llentia cove monument

Another of the most curious places is the one proposed by Cala Llentia. A stone’s throw from the town of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is what is popularly known as the Stonehenge of Ibiza. Not in vain, in this place there are a series of dolmens that give a mystical touch to the environment, especially if they are seen at sunset.

Behind this work called Time and Space is the Australian artist Andrew Rogers. Specifically, these dolmens are made with basalt from Turkey and are located around one that is taller, about 24 meters, at the top of which there is a golden plaque. The peculiar work represents the planetary alignment around the sun.

The Gates of Heaven

If you are looking for the best sunsets, perhaps you can find them at the Las Puertas del Cielo viewpoint. It is a little corner that rises above the blue sea, about two kilometres from the town of Santa Agnes de Corona. You will first come across the restaurant of the same name, but if you continue walking you will soon reach this secret viewpoint.

Apparently, the Las Puertas del Cielo viewpoint became popular among the hippie community in the 1960s because of its panoramic view of the surrounding cliffs and the Ses Margalides islands. It is worth arriving a little before sunset to explore the area, although you have to be careful, as the terrain is steep and can cause vertigo.

Sa Caleta

Just 10 kilometres from Ibiza city you will discover the remains of an ancient Phoenician town in the Sa Caleta area, dating back to the 8th century BC. C. It is surprising to identify these types of finds, which take us to the origins of the island of infinite fun, right?

What’s more, this site is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In addition to enjoying this little bit of history, you can also take the opportunity to take a dip at Es Codolar, one of the least crowded beaches on the island. Due to its proximity to the airport, you will be able to see the planes flying practically over your head while you prepare for a well-deserved swim in the sea.

Punta Grossa Lighthouse

To find the next secret corner of Ibiza, you will have to go to the Punta Grossa lighthouse, a disused lighthouse located about 55 meters above sea level on the northeast coast of the island. Built in 1870, it stopped operating in 1916 until it fell into deep abandonment.

Today, it can become the protagonist of one of the most memorable photographs of your trip. To get to it, remember that you have a good walk ahead of you. It is best to park your car in Sa Cala de Sant Vicent and begin the walk on foot. Sooner rather than later you will have the silhouette of this lighthouse before you.

Despite the narrowness of the path, the reward will not take long to arrive when you finally reach the top of the promontory.

Els Amunts natural area

We complete this list of secret corners of Ibiza with the natural area of ​​Els Amunts, which comprises a quarter of the island. This environment proposes exploring the north coast of the island from another perspective, showing a different landscape than usual, and Ibizan architecture and traditions.

In it, the strawberry trees, pines and rosemary are the dominant notes of the landscape. But, in addition, an excursion through the natural area of ​​Els Amunts will serve to spot the native flora, from falcons to goldfinches, dormice or genets.

In the middle of this enormous green blanket stand towns of white houses that add attractiveness to the complex. To delve deeper into the beauty of the area, hiking is the most suitable activity.

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