Some Terrific Tips for Your Small Garden

If you have a small garden (like most people do and like most new builds will have going forward), then these tips will provide you with some ideas and impetus to make even the smallest of gardens useful and beautiful.

Use plants to make it seem bigger

It is possible to plant in a way that will make your small garden look bigger. Plant in layers with the bigger plants at the back and the smaller ones in front leading to the ground cover or lawns. You should also look to plant up walls and fences making for a greener perspective that makes the garden look and feel bigger. You can also use several other tips such as blurring the edges and introducing various levels to make your small garden look bigger.

Choose a particular use

Instead of trying to fit everything into a small garden make it a sole use garden for veg or for flowers, don’t do both; or choose a specific theme and follow this only. By doing this you will get more from the available space, either in yield from the vegetable garden or the aesthetics, fragrances and flowers from the flower garden. Individual use or specific themed gardens have become incredibly popular with the entire space being planted with similar plants or even one type of plant. Cactus gardens, succulents and grasses are the most popular, providing so much variety within the specific theme that make for some of the most exciting and actually diverse gardening.

Pot planting

Although you will need to know from the outset that pot plants require a lot more maintenance and care than those plants and flowers planted in the ground, they will allow you to plant all of the space in a smaller garden. These pots can be used to stagger the planting, add aspects of color and interest among other plants and will also allow you to move sections of plants and flowers around the garden, depending on where they like to be at various times of the year.

Compartmentalize the garden

Although you may feel that you don’t have the requisite space to split the garden up, even a small garden can be made into different sections. Think of a small seating section, a water feature, an intense area of flowers and color which insects will frequent and use. By splitting the garden into somewhat recognizable and distinct sections you will get more use from it.

Small gardens and smaller homes are becoming the norm, no one wants to have too much to do or spend too much on a space that they may not get much use from. A small garden can be a blessing in disguise and will save you both time and money and yet can be some of the best gardens on the block. Think about what you plant and where, and by using some of the ideas as discussed herein you will be able to develop a garden that will complement the home you live in and from which you can get a lot of joy and entertainment.

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