Top 10 Free Websites to download Online Light Novel in 2022

Top 10 Free Websites to download Online Light Novel in 2022

If you are a book enthusiast, you must be looking for sources of novels, especially E-novels to read anytime, anywhere. Do you want to find a free E-book store? Although many readers prefer physical novels, there is no disputing the convenience that e-novels provide. Then don’t overlook the free ebook shops listed below; make sure you find novels that will satisfy your need for knowledge, exploration, and leisure.

  1. ManyNovels

ManyNovels is one of the best resources for reading free novels in large formats. There are hundreds of novels available here of all interesting genres, and they are free. One of the best features of this site is that not all novels are classics or have Creative Commons licenses.

ManyNovels is in transition at the time of this writing. A beta test version of the site is available with an available search feature. Readers can also find novels by browsing genres, popular picks, authors, and editors’ picks. In addition, ManyNovels has been assembled into book collections, so that readers can explore topics in a more organized manner.


 Free Novel boasts millions of titles carefully categorized into different novel updates, including Occult, History, Humanities, and Poetry. However, not all novels are free, and the split between paid and free enovels is close to 50%. That’s about half a million enovels for those who want to read novels for free. E-novels can be downloaded in many user-friendly formats such as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. The Novels feed also provides word counts and time estimates along with novels that make it easier for many people to decide whether to read an e-book or not.


Webtoon fans compare to a dream come true. The fact that all of the novels on this website are free is fantastic news for anyone who has been paying outrageous prices for low-quality manhwa, webtoons, light novel.

Many volunteers work at Webtoon to create high-quality webtoons. All webtoons,novels are available for free download. WEBTOON.UK is an excellent resource for finding free webtoons and light novel.


Readfreecomics offers a large selection of free, high-quality HTML and XHTML publications. The majority of the novels are in English, however, there is a handful in German. The novels are organized alphabetically by the last name of the author. Readfreecomics has a large collection of free manhwa , manhua, novels by a wide range of writers, both new and old.

Readfreecomics offers readers a large selection of free, high-quality novels that can be read right in their browser or printed as they please. These are novels in the public domain, which means they are freely accessible and allowed to be distributed. In other words, you don’t need to worry about breaking the law when reading and downloading novels on

  1. is a free, non-profit repository of novels, manhwa, manhua. This site is filled with great works of world literature, mainly focusing on older works. To date, Manytoon has more than 60,000 free novels, webtoons, manhwa

All titles are available for download in EPUB and MOBI formats or read online in HTML format. Novels can be searched by title, author, top enovels, and even offline catalog searches. In particular, it also allows saving novels directly to Google Drive or DropBox.

Manytoon does not require registration or fees, but you can volunteer to support the project if you wish.


It is a perfect place for webtoon lover who love to read webtoons. This site specializes in webtoon, light novels and offers them for free. Online novels are categorized by difficulty level and length of the book. In addition to English, you can also find e-novels in German, Yiddish, and Persian. There are separate apps for mobile phones and tablets.


Topwebtoons is an online library of open-source documents. Its goal is to preserve all forms of freewriting, in all languages. Topwebtoons site now also provides translations.

Topwebtoons is a collection of published novel, including fiction, nonfiction (scientific novels), letters, speeches, poetry, constitutional and historical documents, statutes, scriptures, and many other types of documents. All material included must be free of copyright.

  1. Open Library

Open Library is an online library that follows the concept of a real library. The book is available in digital format, which means you can make as many copies as you want. However, the site follows a strict rule, and you will be surprised to find that once you borrow an ebook online, others cannot borrow it until you return it to the library. The number of eNovels available is over a million novels nicely categorized in a variety of genres.

  1. Google Play Novels

One of the top 10 free online reading apps is Google Play Novels. Google Play Novels has a huge library with millions of audio and enovels, comics, textnovels, and best-selling self-help novels in the world.

This reading app is available for all Android and IOS devices, allowing users to use the browser even when offline. Not stopping there, Google Play Novels also has a smart “pause” feature, saving and bookmarking the page you are reading. When pausing the audiobook, the system automatically rewinds to the beginning of the sentence. Therefore, you will never worry about losing track of what you are listening to. For audionovels, readers can fast forward three times or ½ times slower.

  1. is another important site in the list of free e-book download sites. The sheer number of types of novels is overwhelming, and it will probably take a very long time to finish reading all the genres listed. However, the site requires you to create an account before accessing the e-novels and only allows users to download five enovels per month. It also includes eNovels in languages ​​other than English.

Final Thoughts

Above are the top 10 best free online reading applications today. We hope the article can give book-loving readers the most reasonable and perfect choices.

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