Top Planning Tips for the Big Company Christmas Party

Christmas is a big time of the year for many companies, but while the bosses might be focused on the numbers, the employees are undoubtedly looking forward to the big company Christmas party. Or at least, they would be if you used these tips to help plan the ultimate Christmas business event.

1. Decide on Your Venue

The first step is to decide on the Christmas party. For smaller companies, booking out a space in a restaurant or bar is more than enough. Large, massive companies, however, don’t have that luxury. While yes, you can have the teams organize an outing amongst themselves, this hardly brings up morale for all.

Large companies may be better off utilizing their own space for the party rather than paying for multiple venues just so you can benefit from the bar.

2. Hire a Bartender

Unless the Christmas party in question is in a venue that already supplies its own bartender, like a bar or restaurant, you’ll need to hire one yourself. Various packages are available to help suit your party size and budget. Instead of simply having just one of your co-workers’ man the bar during the party, the benefit of hiring in is that pre-screens their employees and only offers fully trained, TIPS-certified bartenders. Not only that but they’re also insured. Both of these things are essential when planning a large corporate event.

3. Don’t Forget Catering

As soon as you serve alcohol, you must serve food. Try to have a few different kinds of meals. For a more laid-back party that suits Christmas perfectly, put together a buffet table for the main dinner. It can be hard to feed large groups, so a good tip is to actually halve the main food you have available and set it out one hour apart from each other. You should do the same with any small bites you have going around. Rather than putting the plates out all at once, stagger them throughout the night. This will keep the guests well-fed and help those that missed out on the first go-round get a helping the next time.

4. Music and Entertainment

Every big Christmas party needs music and entertainment. Consider rending high-quality speakers so that your Christmas playlist sounds amazing. If you want to wow, bring in a DJ or even a live band to warm up the event and make it feel magical.

5. Party Games, Tricks, and Features

Don’t stop there, however. Get party games, create a photo wall, host a Santa costume contest, and more. Silly things can be a lot of fun, especially around Christmas, so don’t worry about if things are too much. Just give everyone options! To get the party going, host tournaments. Fun games that require teamwork are a great way to break the ice, and also get people to come out of their shell. You can make everything Christmas-themed with just a few well-placed decorations to get everyone in the spirit.

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