6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Timber-Look Garage Door

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There’s no denying that a brand new garage door can give your outdoor space an instant makeover. Depending on the current architecture of your space, you might be considering a timber door.

If you love the stylish look of timber garage doors but you’re concerned about cost, longevity and maintenance then this article is for you. Our experts provide you with the perfect way to get a timber door with all the style and little of the fuss.

Timber – Always a Popular Option

A drive around any Australian suburb will remind you that timber doors are still one of the more popular options. Aside from looking sophisticated and elegant, there are three top reasons why they’re a firm favourite. Timber garage doors are:

  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to customise
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient

Timber-look: The Garage Door You’ve Been Searching For

One of the biggest snags homeowners face when they’re considering timber garage doors is the cost. That said, we have a secret we think you should be in on. Not all timber garage doors are actually made of timber. Enter the timber-look garage door!

Timber-look is as the name implies, a door that only looks like timber. Essentially, these doors are made of durable steel and given a timber finish to match the current traditional or rustic aesthetic of your property. In short, this is the ultimate way to get the timber finish with the quality of a modern steel door. It’s giving homeowners the best of both worlds.

More good news is that there are a bunch of reasons why you should consider adding a timber-look door to your garage space. Keep reading as we highlight the most common.

1.      Authentic and Customisable Design

The most common reason to invest in this type of garage door is the design. Timber-look doors are designed to imitate actual timber as authentically as possible. Since these options are available in a wide variety of finishes it will be easy to find a match for your current architecture.

Additionally, the door texture from a wood-grain finish will convince the most ardent critic that they are looking at real timber. Another positive aspect here is that timber-look doors are available in dark and light finishes and mimic all of the Australian hardwoods such as:

  • Cedar
  • Black oak
  • Caoba

Pick your favourite!

2.      Durability

If there’s one thing you want your garage door to be it’s durable. Timber-look doors feature a thick and durable powder-coated finish that easily adheres to the underlying metal. This popular powder-coating also protects the door against rust and moisture. If you’re opting for this type of door, be sure to speak to your installer about the Knotwood or Timber Coat finishes. Both of these provide a modern, yet natural timber look.

3.      Minimal Maintenance Costs

While real timber doors are classic and elegant, there’s no denying that they are high maintenance. Taking care of a real timber door involves annual sanding and the risk of wood damage and rot.

With timber-look steel doors, you won’t have these concerns. The high-quality aluminium steel can’t rot and won’t need sanding and refinishing. For the most part, timber-look doors just require some routine cleaning to wash off dust or mud and they’ll look as good as new. Paint of the same finish is used to touch up any scratches or nicks that happen over time.

4.      Weather Resistance

Since garage doors are installed outside, they bear the full brunt of all the Australian weather elements. This includes excruciating heat, high winds and of course pouring rain. Depending on where you live, your garage door can experience all of these elements in one day!

With real timber doors, constant exposure to the elements can eventually lead to rot, cracking and in some cases, wood shrinkage – all of which will cost a small fortune to repair or replace. With a timber-look steel door, there will be little to zero damage from the elements.

5.      Added Home Security

One of the top reasons why homeowners are opting for modern electric garage doors is the safety they offer. Unlike real timber doors, their timber-look steel counterparts can’t be pried or rammed open. Their specially engineered steel bases makes them one of the strongest options. Add a quality locking mechanism and you’ll instantly make your garage contents so much more secure.

6.      More Affordable

The exact price of a timber-look door depends on the size and hardware needed. The price of a timber-look steel door, however, is considerably cheaper than a regular door. A consultation with a garage door installer will get the exact quote for your space, but it’s more affordable in most cases.

Final Thought

There’s no need to give up on your dream of enhancing your outdoor space with the perfect rustic garage door. Opt for a timber-look garage door solution that will be more durable, easier to maintain and more importantly, more affordable. At the same time, you’ll be able to choose the best finish to complement your current outdoor aesthetic! It’s your all-in-one solution!

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