6 Practical Home Improvement Ideas

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The purpose of home improvements is to enhance the look of your house. However, remodelling can provide other benefits such as lowering your carbon footprint and optimising your home’s safety. And it doesn’t have to be an entire building renovation to reach these goals! You can install plantation shutters Melbourne locals use to protect their windows. Alternatively, choose retractable outdoor awnings to add shade to your patio. Keep reading to find out how simple upgrades can create a comfortable home environment you’ll love.

1. Shutters to Protect Your Windows and Privacy

If you don’t want to hang curtains in your house you can choose between stunning indoor or outdoor plantation shutters. There are also painted or tinted shutters in colours such as black, grey or white that will enhance the aesthetics of your home.

The advantage of shutters is that they’re easy to clean. Simply use a feather duster or a damp cloth to remove dirt. Installing shutters on your bedroom windows is ideal if you want to shut the light out during the day. They can also improve your privacy, especially if you have large windows.

Installing outdoor plantation shutters can protect your windows from hailstorms or prevent them from getting dirty on windy days. They add an elegant and sophisticated look to your home whether you have ceiling-to-floor windows or small awning windows.

2. Awnings to Add Shade to Your Patio

If you enjoy sitting outside but fear getting sunburnt then you can add shade to your patio by installing retractable awnings. On days when you want to bask in the sun, you can simply roll your awnings back to enjoy the sun’s rays.

Awnings are practical because they protect you from the elements. They add a sophisticated look to your outdoor area which is suitable for events and important parties. For evening events you can light up your patio by stringing lights through your awnings.

Choose awnings in colours and designs that will complement your patio. They come in various sizes for unique outdoor spaces such as balconies or even outdoor restaurants.

3. Outdoor Kitchen to Spend More Time in Nature

In Australia, the hottest days tend to be in December or January. Cooking in a kitchen during summer can be uncomfortable. That’s why outdoor kitchens have become popular in Australia.

Install an outdoor sink where you can wash vegetables and have access to water. You’ll also need a large counter where you can prepare meals. A gas stove and oven are ideal for outdoor areas or a fire oven where you can bake bread or pizzas.

The advantage of an outdoor kitchen is that it allows you to spend more time outside where you can appreciate nature. It’s also an ideal place to host dinners and entertain guests. Ensure you have an awning to keep your outdoor kitchen covered and protected from the elements.

4. Focus on Wellness and Sustainability

You can add wellness features to your home such as zen gardens, saunas and even hot tubs. Additionally, add a sunroom where you can practice indoor garden which is proven to be therapeutic. Nurturing plants in a comfortable environment can also lower anxiety.

Homeowners in Australia also focus on creating sustainable environments. You can too by:

  • Installing solar panels
  • Having recycling bins for glass, plastic and tin
  • Installing a compost bin for your offcuts
  • Using sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring

Installing smart devices can also lower your carbon footprint by switching off lights when rooms aren’t occupied or adjusting your thermostat according to needs. A sustainable home will lower utility costs which will help you save money every month.

5. Improve Your Landscape

Whether you have a small or large garden you can improve your landscape by adding a few elements that are good for the environment. Adding a water feature can attract insects such as bees and dragonflies that improve gardens. Here are other ideas to improve your landscape:

  • Add succulents to your garden—pick ones that will survive in any weather conditions so you don’t have to use much water looking after them
  • Create raised garden beds for better drainage
  • Install trellises to grow vines or bougainvillea
  • Hang planters on your walls
  • Use natural stone tiles for your patios and walkways

Improving your home’s landscape can increase property value and keep pests out of your yard. You can also design a garden with minimal dark corners and safer paths to walk at night.

6. Upgrade Your Flooring

An outdated floor can have a major impact on your home’s aesthetic. What’s more, loose tiles or floorboards are a safety hazard because they can cause people to trip and fall. Consider upgrading your floor with sustainable and long-lasting materials such as bamboo.

Another long-lasting flooring type is natural stone tiles such as granite, marble and slate. The reason why natural stone tiles are practical is that they are hardwearing, increase property value and decrease CO2 emissions.

Final Thoughts

Home improvements create a comfortable, sustainable and practical environment for you and your family to live in. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home consider the tips we’ve provided in this article to help you do it effectively with maximum returns.

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