Road Safety Speed Bumps For Sale Near Me

Safe driving is significant and following the rules of driving gives proper protection to drivers for safe driving. There are lots of traffic signs and road safety tools that are specially made for safe diving.

You have to follow them for safe driving.  You may also have speed bumps at different places just to slow down the speed of drivers in the area where traffic is heavy or very loaded. So we give you all the information about these road safety speed bumps for sale near me.

So if you want high-quality safety speed bumps for sale near me you can find them by just clicking the link mentioned above. You can buy these bumps at wholesale rates to start your own business. So we will provide you with all the important information about these speed bumps.

Overview Of Product

Most speed bumps are made up of different materials but this company provides high-quality rubber speed bumps with durable prices and looks. These rubber speed bumps are specially designed to control the speed of heavy vehicles during driving. These speed bumps are used in different areas like highways, driveways, and other local areas.

These road bumps are made up of special channels to protect cables and s they also work as protectors. They are long versatile speed bumps. And not only this they are also very easy to install mostly they are available in two reflection g colors black and bright yellow.

Important Details

These road bumps are almost 6 feet long and 2 inches high. Their total weight is almost 48ibs and they are highly manageable. These speed bumps provide significant protection to your Vicks so that you can control the speed easily.

They are available in different types, sizes, and shapes according to demand and need. Their length, height, weight and weight may vary according to customer demand. You can also select quality and quantity according to your needs.

Features Of These Road Bumps

Let’s check out the quality features of these road bumps.

  • They are ideal for commercial, industrial areas, residential, parks, sporting, venues school zone areas
  • They give efficient results to slow down traffic or heavy traffic
  • They contain the best quality and cap.
  • These end caps protect the end sections to prevent wear and tear
  • They are available in a very bright yellow color section.
  • These bright colors reflect and give great visibility from far.
  • In this product mounting screws are not available
  • You can select different types and modes of these road bumps
  • They are available at different prices according to material and quality
  • It’s premium version is available for $69.98 per piece
  • Its recyclable rubber speed bump is available for $49.00 per piece
  • Its heavy-duty rubber speed bump is available for 79$ per piece

Final Remarks

In this article, we talk about the topic of speed bumps for sales near me. We try our best to provide you with all the important information related to this topic that is mentioned above. Hopefully, you got all the necessary information  through this article


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