What is head-to-tail betting? How to play numbers effectively

Nowadays, lottery is one of the most popular forms of lottery. The rules of the lottery are not difficult, but to play well, you need to grasp effective playing strategies. So in this article, I will introduce to you the most used way of playing lottery: what is head and tail betting?
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What is head-to-tail betting that is applied by the vast majority?

Betting head to tail is a method of betting that requires quite a lot of calculation, so the difficulty of these bets is quite high. But it also means high accuracy rate and easy winning. That’s why this is a strategy frequently applied by veteran lottery players.

Just by hearing the name of this method, you can already imagine how to play. You need to choose 2 numbers to play: the first and last numbers, choose the last 2 numbers and the first number from that day’s drawing to finalize the numbers for the next day. The rules for these two numbers are as follows, the first number is the number in the tens place, the last number is the number in the units place. After making your choice, you just need to wait to see if this number appears on the gold board to receive your reward.

For example:

With gameplayonline lottery For this, you need to determine the first and last numbers, choose a number from 0-9 for the first and last numbers. Usually, in special prizes, the last 2 numbers are these two numbers.

If on October 31, the Northern lottery special prize is 12769, then 69 is the result. Then you just need to capture number 6 as the first number and number 5 as the last number to win.

How to type head and tail effectively

As I said above, playing the first and last numbers is quite difficult. If you think a little logically, you will understand the nature of these bets. If you are new to playing lottery, you need more time to learn. Here are 2 things you need to pay attention to to make it easier to win:

Grasp the odds when betting head to tail

Odds are the most essential factor that anyone needs to grasp when betting or playing any other sport:

In each lottery draw, 2 shuttlecocks will be drawn for the tournament. Each cage will contain 10 balls marked from 0 to 9. After each spin, the two cages will produce random numbers. When we match the two balls that just fell out, we will get numbers with values ​​from 00-99. When drawing the special prize, 5 numbers will be used, the last 2 numbers are the last 2 numbers of the special prize.
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From there, people calculate the odds of winning the lottery as 1 to 70. If you bet 10k, you will receive 700k including capital. As for playing lottery, the winning rate is 1 point 23 thousand. It can be seen that the payout rate of betting on lottery will be much larger. However, playing the lottery will be easier to win.

How to calculate the beginning and end of a lottery number

The main topic is the last two numbers of the special prize, the first number is the number in the tens place and the last number is the number in the units place. When betting on numbers, you can use statistical methods. Official lottery websites will summarize all results of special prizes within the last 3 months. You can rely on this to predict which 2 numbers will appear in the last 2 numbers of the special prize in the next drawing.


Just now page Kèo nhà cái shared about how to bet on the first and last numbers? Hopefully after reading this article you can play the lottery more effectively and win more.

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