Lottery is a favorite game of many people, nowadays the number of people learning and playing lottery is also increasing. When starting any game, to be able to play it well and proficiently, the first thing you need to do is learn to know its nature. So, if you are a beginner, take the time to study this subject more carefully!
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What is lottery?

Lotto is a type of XSMB game where you need to predict the last 2 – 5 sets of numbers of the prizes in the lottery results table to become the winner and receive extremely attractive prize money.

Unlike traditional lotteries where you can only buy tickets with pre-printed numbers, this lotto game allows you to choose your favorite set of numbers and believes it has a high winning rate. to participate and try your luck.

This type is managed by Thu Do Lottery Company and has been established since the last decade. However, many people have turned this way of playing into an illegal form of lottery participation as it is today.

Terminology you need to know when playing lottery

Lottery/number of stones

– Cross lottery is where participants predict 2, 3 or 4 pairs of numbers at the same time containing the last 2 numbers of the prizes in the results table, these numbers are selected from 00-99. The participant wins if the predicted numbers come out at the same time.

– Kicking numbers as Southerners call it, its playing method is similar to cross lottery, participants will predict the last 2 numbers of the lottery prizes of the day, if 2 numbers come back then they win.

Lotto/lotto playing

Bao lo is a term that originated in the Central region and is now commonly used throughout the country. Lottery means playing the last 2 lottery numbers of the day’s prizes. The participant will win if they win 1 lot out of 18 prizes (for the central and southern regions) or 27 prizes (for the North).

Bach Thu Lo

The white lottery number means one number, the player will predict only one number that they think is likely to match one of the prizes in today’s lottery results table.

Playing Bach Thu lottery has the advantage of saving capital, however, because you bet on one number, you cannot guarantee a certain winning rate, so if the player is confident in his experience and ability to speculate, he can Consider playing this form of play.

Double lotteries

Double lottery means a pair of lotto numbers consisting of 2 numbers, the participant wins when one of the 2 numbers in this pair appears in today’s lottery prizes.

Lottery prediction

Lottery prediction is the act of monitoring the previous day’s lottery results table to find special points, combined with your current experience to predict today’s lottery. Lottery prediction is a hot and endless discussion topic among people who are passionate about playing lotteries.

Lot score

When participating in lottery prizes, in addition to the lottery tickets issued by the company, there is also a self-selected lottery method. With this method, the player will bet an amount of money, according to regulations, the minimum amount is 1 point.

So how much is 1 lottery point? Each different region will have its own regulations, specifically:

– Northern Lottery: 1 lotto point is worth 23,000 VND, if successful, the participant will earn 80,000 VND.

– Southern Lottery: 1 lotto point is worth 16,000 VND, if successful, the participant will earn 80,000 VND.

– Central region lottery: 1 lotto point is calculated as 15,000 VND, if you win, the player will earn 80,000 VND.

This conversion level can be reduced by 500 – 1,000 VND depending on the number of points you play.


Blink is the common name for lotteries that come back at least twice in the same day’s results table. If the lottery comes out 2 times, it can be called a 2-win lottery, if it comes 3 times, it is called a 3-win lottery, and the same goes for more wins.


Under is a method of playing to predict the last 3 numbers of lottery prizes. This is what Southerners call it, Northerners often call it 3-digit lottery.

Some popular types of underdogs today include: southern underdogs, northern underdogs, head-based underdogs, tail-based underdogs, and bag-based underdogs.

Participants should also note that because the main number is the last 3 numbers, the odds of winning the main number will not be much, but if you have a lot of experience and are passionate about predicting lottery numbers, then it is okay to bet on the low number. too difficult for you.


Above is some basic information for those new to playing lottery. Hopefully the above knowledge can help you understand more about lottery. Good luck!

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