Penalty bets and experience in placing standard bets at bookmaker Okvip

Penalty bet is a quite special bet in football. Possessing super high betting odds, it attracts the attention of many bettors. Next, new bettors can come to the Penalty betting guide here housekeeping Exactly below.

Overview of the process of participating in Penalty bets at bookmaker Okvip

Penalty bet is understood as the final bet of a match. The time to bet on this bet is the end of the match as well as determining the winner or loser. To participate in this bet, the match you participate in must first have a Penalty.

When the referee has blown the whistle and determined that the two teams will take turns kicking Penalty to find the winner. At this time, the reputable bookmaker Okvip will post odds on the screen for bettors to choose from. You can choose which Penalty bet is suitable for you.

At the end of the penalty shootout, the referee’s decision is the basis for the house to determine the winner or loser. If you guess correctly, your bet will be returned to your account immediately. In case the prediction is wrong, the entire bet capital will be paid to the house.

Instructions for new players on how to read Penalty Okvip odds online simply

In one Penalty bet 11m will have two popular types of bets regularly offered: handicap and over/under. The team that kicks the ball and is stronger will have a lower payout rate in the handicap bet.

On the contrary, for the over/under Penalty bet, it will be calculated from 7 goals out of 10 goals of the kicking team. Members only need to choose whether the number of balls entered will be greater or less than 7. As long as there are 2 balls apart, the match will definitely end immediately.

Revealing the experience of betting Penalty Okvip correctly from a master

Penalty betting is a type of bet that is not easy to appear. Many conditions must be met for a match to have this bet. So new players will have very little experience placing bets. Please read the tips for placing standard bets from the experts below.

Find out information about the two teams before placing a bet

At any time, it is always extremely important to find out information about the two teams before betting. Especially the strength and performance of each team. Penalty betRequires the scorer to have a lot of experience as well as good personal skills.

In addition, the scorer must also have a strong mentality and be able to withstand the pressure of the match. Players should clearly understand this information to get the best bet advantage.

Besides, the match history and previous penalty kick history of both teams are also extremely important issues. Watch to see if the two teams have previous football experience to place bets.
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Place a Penalty bet as soon as the first free kick takes place

Once you have grasped the basic information of Penalty bet Then you should wait for the first shot before placing your bet. The first shot is the best time for everyone to observe the player’s state and psychology.

Whether you shoot it in or not, it still has a significant impact. So watch to see if the player seems confused or panicked when he doesn’t shoot. If you lose your mental balance from the beginning, you will easily make mistakes many times later.

Choose the appropriate Penalty Okvip bet

Currently, online bookmaker Okvip is providing many basic Penalty bets for bettors. However, you must master how to play that bet before choosing.

Don’t let yourself not understand anything and make hasty choices. This wrong decision will sometimes cost gamers a large amount of money. Missing the opportunity to get rich is just around the corner.

Learn details about penalty-taking goalkeepers

The goalkeeper’s information, as well as the player’s information, is extremely important. Because the goalkeeper is the one who will decide the win or loss of the Penalty bet. Most goalkeepers at big clubs will be extremely good at catching the ball.

Please observe carefully and find out information about the main goalkeepers of the two teams before entering the match. If you are a famous goalkeeper, capable of taking penalties, you should choose the over/under bet to make it easier to choose the odds.


Penalty bet is a bet with a fairly low probability of winning. However, it is still favored by many bettors because of its attractiveness and drama until the last minute. Register an Okvip account today to experience this quality bet.

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