How to Clear Codes in Universal Remotes?

Universal remote codes are made to provide flexibility to users entertainment and operate multiple devices using a single universal remote control. Programming the remote control  needs universal remote codes. Codes are used based on your device category and brand. These codes are used to recognize commands & signals from users and perform relevant operations on devices.

After programming the remote setup and entering the valid codes, you can control TV, Cable box, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray player. Most of the universal remote will replace existing remote codes from the remote library when you enter a new code for your device. All the codes stored in a remote can be cleared once to make space for entirely new setup.

Below here we have given step by step instructions for how to program samsung universal remote which you can clear remote codes from your universal remote control easily. Just follow the instructions available here to clear codes from your remote library.

Step 1- Take off the batteries from your universal remote control. Open the back cover of you remote control and remove each cell one by one. Most universal remote uses two to four AAA


Step 2:– After removing the cells, leave the compartment empty for at least two minutes. The universal remote saves power in a capacitor that keeps its memory intact when the batteries are being changed. After two minutes when the compartment is empty the stored power will begin to drain.

Step 3:– Tap & hold on the power key for three seconds to force the remote to release all the power stored in the capacitor. Tap the power key again to make sure no light signal turns on. All codes stored for equipment will be cleared once the capacitor power is drained.

Step 4– Replace the remote batteries with a new set of batteries. And program new codes into the universal remote to work only the desired devices.

How to Program Universal Remote after clear codes:

  • Tap & hold the power key on your universal remote that you wish to program.
  • Click on the led button until the light turns on.
  • Tap & hold the TV key from the remote, if you are programming a TV device.if you wish to program DVD player then click on DVD. the light indicator blinks and turn on.
  • Click on the power key and down the remote control slowly and don’t tap on power again. After the device switches off.
  • Press on the Enter button from your universal remote control. If the light turns off then your device is programmed successfully. If the light doesn’t turn off then you need to repeat the process again.

Final words:

We hope you will find our article useful in removing remote codes from your remote library and program it again using new codes for particular devices. Please write us how you feel about this article and share your suggestions & feedbacks to make further improvements. Also, let us know if you have any other instructions for remote setup to share via comments.

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