Safety Tips To Remember When Teaching Your Child Roller Skates

Safety Tips To Remember When Teaching Your Child Roller Skates

Kids love roller skating. It makes them feel independent and adventurous. However, roller skating can be a potentially harmful sport. Injuries involved in roller skating can sometimes become life-threatening if you have not prepared your child well.

When you are teaching your child to roller skate, you should take some precautions and educate your child about potential injuries. Make sure that your kid is old enough to understand the whole concept and they can take measures to prevent serious injuries.

Here are some safety tips that you should follow when teaching your child roller skating for the first time.

1. Take Gears Seriously

Never take safety gears as a joke. Your child should be properly covered in all the sensitive places, for example, the head, knees, elbow, and chin.

You should get your child the proper safety gear before starting the lessons for skating. The gear should include,

  • A helmet that is made specifically for roller skating. Such helmets cover the back of the head as well. Fasten it properly around the chin so that it doesn’t move.
  • Elbow and knee pads provide cushioning to the joints.
  • Gloves to protect hands from bruises and injury.

2. Invest In Good Quality Skates

The roller skates you are buying for your child should be of good quality. Never compromise on the quality of blades just to save a few pennies. You can find good-quality roller skates at Skate Connection and other such stores.

The skates you are buying should fit perfectly on your child’s feet. It should not be loose as it can cause bruises on the foot. Skates should not be right either.

You can check the quality of stakes by pressing hard on the plastic. If the plastic can be pressed, it means it is soft and will not provide enough protection. Pick the one with hard plastic covers.

3. Hire A Professional Trainer

Never let your child learn roller skates on their own. Roller skating is a sport that poses a high risk of serious injuries. If you truly want your child to learn how to skate, take them to professional training classes.

Professional trainers know the best ways to teach children how to skate. They will also make sure that your kid is following the lessons and skating with care. If your child is doing something incorrectly, the trainer will help them do it right before they get injured.

4. Avoid Going In Public At Beginner’s Stage

Do not send your child to roller share on the first day near a busy road. Roller skating alongside the road, especially with heavy traffic can be risky.

You should let your child practice alone, preferably on a pace with grass alongside. Grass will provide a soft surface in case your child falls. Once your child gets a good grasp on his skates, take them to the indoor or outdoor rink. There, they can practice with other kids.

Once your child has developed confidence, you can take them to trails and public parks to roller skate openly.

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