Top 6 beautiful shirt numbers for strikers with many meanings and luck

Shirt numbers carry many meanings of luck, feng shui and affect the players’ playing psychology and results on the field. If you are looking for a beautiful shirt number for a striker, please refer to our NEW88.COM article below to choose a beautiful shirt number, helping you confidently participate in football matches.

The role of the striker on the field

Before choosing a beautiful shirt number for the striker, let’s learn about the striker’s role on the field. Strikers are the players closest to the opponent’s goal and are responsible for scoring goals. This is a position that requires a lot of skill and is also the most injury-prone position because it is often blocked by opposing defenders.

In a football team, there are usually one to three strikers and are also divided into many different types such as center striker, wing striker, center striker… Each beautiful shirt number for a striker has its own position and role. in every match. The striker is the tallest player and also has the important task of scoring goals, that’s why choosing a beautiful shirt number for the striker also has many feng shui elements, helping the player to fulfill his role well. mine is on the field.

Top 6 beautiful shirt numbers for strikers

Below are the top 6 best shirt numbers for the striker position chosen by many football players:

Number 7 – wing striker

Wing forwards often choose shirt number 7. They possess excellent speed and ability to choose positions. They approached the opponent’s goal from both wings and took advantage of the opportunity to score. Although they do not possess outstanding physiques, wing strikers wearing the number 7 shirt often have sudden changes and are extremely quick. They don’t play centrally, but are a classic striker who has the ability to finish effectively.

Beautiful shirt number for a wing striker – number 7 is also the favorite number of many football superstars such as C.Ronaldo, Harzard, the legendary Figo… They are all extremely comprehensive number 7s.

Shirt number 9 – striker

Among the beautiful shirt numbers for strikers, the number 9 shirt cannot be ignored. This is also the shirt number chosen by many penalty area assassins. Strikers wearing the number 9 shirt do not stand out thanks to their speed or suddenness, but they have the ability to seize opportunities very quickly. With just a moment, they can do something and score a goal for their team.

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Number 9 is a beautiful shirt number for a striker. Many football stars also choose number 9 as a lucky number and bring success like Ronaldo (Brazil); Lewandowski(Poland); F.Torres(9)…

Number 10: Versatile striker

Beautiful shirt numbers for strikers cannot lack the number 10 shirt. In modern football squads, number 10s are often versatile strikers, meaning they can play in many different positions on the field, not only is the striker position. They will move around the field looking for opportunities. That’s why the player wearing the number 10 shirt has extremely good technique and the ability to hold the ball and pass people extremely well. They always know how to create mutations in each pass.

Beautiful shirt numbers for strikers – number 10 is chosen by football stars such as Maradona, Messi, Neymar, Ronaldinho… They are all players with great qualities and always create breakthroughs, bringing good results. for your team

Shirt number 11: Semi-classical striker

The list of beautiful shirt numbers for strikers includes the number 11. This shirt number is often chosen by semi-classical strikers. People often say that number 11 is a substitute for number 9, but in reality, some semi-classical strikers wearing the shirt number 11 play versatile and are much better than classic or modern strikers. We can mention some prominent players wearing the number 11 shirt such as Drogba, Ryan Gigs…

Nice shirt numbers for other strikers

In addition to the beautiful shirt numbers for strikers mentioned above, there are many other beautiful shirt numbers for this position, such as:

– Shirt number 17: this is also a beautiful shirt number for strikers, but midfielders usually choose number 17 more.

– Shirt number 19: Strikers who are just starting their career often choose this shirt number, Timor Werner is an example and this is also a beautiful shirt number for strikers you can refer to.

– Shirt number 22: Roberto Firmino, Liverpool striker, once wore shirt number 11 and this is also his favorite number.

– Shirt number 30: Erling Haaland – one of the most famous strikers in the world, started his career with shirt number 30 and to this day he still wears this shirt number to play for Man City.

Above are beautiful shirt numbers for strikers for you to refer to and choose from.

A beautiful football shirt number will help you gain more confidenceBet at New88. You can choose some of your favorite shirts no matter where you play. But the beautiful shirt numbers used by many players will be the shirt numbers that have more feng shui meaning and good luck.

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