Top stars who love to bet

Top stars who love to bet

Sports betting has become one of the most popular leisure options on the Internet. Many people visit betting sites to enjoy the exciting gameplay and earn bets. Some are already lucky, there are even those who managed to become famous thanks to successful sports betting. If you want to repeat the successful experience of betting stars, try to make big bash league srl predictions on the Parimatch website. High quotes, wide lines, and various patterns are the best conditions for successful forecasting.

Successful betters have achieved impressive results thanks to the right approach to sports forecasting, and an analytical mindset.

Tony Bloom

This is one of the most legendary poker players. The first victory in 2004 brought him more than three hundred thousand dollars. There were even bigger wins to come. But, Bloom is not limited to cards. He is the owner of the Star Lizard company, which accepts bets on sports events and analyzes them. Many wealthy investors invest in the company, and Bloom manages to successfully increase them.

The company makes bets on all world leagues and places them on Asian betting sites. Bloom’s company employs the best analysts, mathematicians, and extras, which helps to develop the correct algorithm for predicting outcomes. The minimum amount that an investor must deposit is £2 million.

Joe Peta

It so happened that betting was the only way to earn money for Pet. After Joe got hit by a car and got into a wheelchair, he was fired from his job. So he became a stockbroker, but he did not stop there and eventually began to predict baseball and achieved high results here. The model he developed allows you to accurately predict how the team will play in the upcoming season. It takes into account only the previous games of the teams and their strengthening. Peta used sabermetrics to create the model. This is an analysis of baseball statistics that allows you to determine internal game indicators.

Thanks to this model, Joe’s income began to be more than 250 thousand dollars a year. Today he works as a manager of the consulting firm Novus.

Bob Vulgaris

One of the most famous bettors made a fortune using miscalculations in betting lines. In just a couple of years, he managed to earn a million dollars with a contribution of 80 thousand. Later, the bookmakers began to pay more attention to drawing up lines, and Bob began to lose a lot. But, he created the Ewing program, which has become the greatest in the world of sports betting. Now a successful better predicts the NBA and plays poker.

Bill Walters

This well-known sweepstakes player works in conjunction with the best programmers. They provide him with all the necessary information. Walters analyzes it and then makes a bet. In a week, Bill spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on bets and makes a significant profit.

Walters was involved in the development of a model that uses the information to provide football predictions. For this, he was accused of illegal betting activities. Walters’ experience in poker and roulette was successful. He has a Super Bowl of Poker and has earned nearly four million dollars from Las Vegas Roulette.

Vasu Shan

This forecaster lives off the money he makes betting. But it’s not about luck. He spends almost all of his time creating formulas to help rank football clubs. Shang is confident that professional forecasters should not be wrong, as their family budget suffers from this. Today he makes bets up to 50 thousand pounds each.

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