What is a comb chicken? Is there anything outstanding that makes cockfighters hunt for it?

The comb chicken is known as a chicken with a rather special personality. They can be very gentle and friendly, but can also be aggressive and aggressive. So what is the reason why this chicken breed is so popular? Please join us Nhà Cái Hi88 Find out in the article below.

What is a comb chicken?

The comb chicken is a rare breed of chicken. In some places, people call them Dong Tao chickens, a name that evokes images of chickens with big, strong legs and a majestic appearance.

The name “cock’s comb” comes from the shape of the cock’s comb, with long feathery tassels, hanging down like a comb (a type of rope). This breed of chicken is very popular with Vietnamese people and is often raised for ornamental purposes or for meat.

No matter what name it is called, the comb chicken is still a chicken species highly appreciated for its beautiful appearance, strong fighting ability and high economic value. Well-cared for comb cocks can reach a weight of up to 5-6 kg, with silky feathers and big, strong legs.

This is why they have become the top choice of many cockfighters and are one of the most popular types of cocks in the cockfighting world.

How to identify comb chickens from other chicken breeds

To truly recognize a genuine comb rooster, players need to grasp the unique physical characteristics that this breed possesses.

The body and beauty standards of this chicken breed are as follows:

  • Body: Possesses a well-proportioned body, with a strong chest, long, muscular wings, and a long, graceful tail.
  • Weight: Adult roosters usually weigh between 3.5 and 5 kg, while hens have an average weight of 2.5 to 3.5 kg.
  • Fur color: Comb chickens have many different feather colors, the most common are black, ash gray, white, and burgundy.
  • Comb: The chicken’s beak has a characteristic comb, the comb stands upright and is bright red.
  • Foot: This breed of chicken has big, strong, sturdy legs, and leg scales arranged in long rows.

Through these outstanding appearance characteristics, you can easily distinguish comb chickens from other chicken breeds. Owning a powerful and beautiful cock is not only the pride of cock masters, but also a valuable treasure in the Vietnamese cockfighting tradition.

What types of comb chickens are famous in the cockfighting world?

The cockfighting world is certainly no stranger to the comb chicken breed with its advantages in physical strength, resistance to blows, and the ability to strike quickly, accurately, and strongly. Among them, there are special types of chickens that are famous and favored by many players.

  • Chicken with gray comb and yellow feathers: This is a type of chicken with dark gray and yellow feathers, highlighted with amber eyes. This breed of chicken is highly appreciated for its ability to withstand blows and strike accurately.
  • Green-legged comb chicken: Chickens have shiny, smooth black feathers, green legs and beaks. This type of chicken has good endurance, the ability to move quickly and deliver dangerous blows.
  • Black comb chicken: This is a very beautiful chicken breed with shiny black feathers, black beak and legs. This type of chicken is famous for its ability to fight dangerously and strike quickly and accurately.
  • Purple comb chicken: Has dark purple fur, highlighted by black eyes. This type of chicken is capable of strong attacks, fast attack speed and good endurance.
  • Chicken with butterfly comb: Has white and black fur, forming black spots on a white background like butterfly wings. This type of chicken is highly appreciated for its ability to deliver dangerous blows, fast attack speed and good attack resistance.

Why is the comb chicken so popular?

In the cockfighting world, comb chickens are always sought after and are highly appreciated compared to other chicken breeds. This breed of chicken is considered the “king” of the fighting arena, the king of all fighting cocks. This can be explained by several reasons:

Strength and endurance: Famous for their incredible strength and endurance, these chickens can deliver powerful and continuous blows for long periods of time without tiring. This gives them a great advantage in cockfighting matches, especially long matches.

Agility and dexterity: Known for their agility and dexterity, these chickens can move quickly and easily dodge their opponents’ attacks. At the same time, they also have the ability to launch accurate and effective attacks, leaving their opponents unable to react in time.

Bravery and stubbornness: This breed of chicken is very stubborn and brave, they do not give up easily, even when seriously injured. This helps them fight to the end and win difficult matches.

In addition to the above characteristics, comb chickens are also popular in cockfighting circles because of their beauty and majesty. These chickens have smooth, brilliant feathers and a proud bright red comb. They are symbols of strength, courage and victory.

Above, Hi88 has shared with you more about the comb cock to have a chance to find a fighting cock for yourself. Monitor Đá Gà Hi88 for more interesting information about exciting cockfights!

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