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Today’s house odds are one of the things that Sports betting lovers must definitely look for to place a bet. Choose reputable platforms like bookmakers New88 You will easily get a detailed, diverse and updated odds table soon.

Types of house bets today

As a bettor who wants to accompany Sports matches, you can easily find today’s bookmaker odds.

Currently, the number of bets is increasingly diverse to optimize the increasing needs of players.

Main types of bets

These are the types of house bets that appear today on any online platform:

  • Asian Handicap

This is a bet where the house will identify the upper and lower teams based on performance and give a certain handicap to balance the match.

  • European odds

This is a bet where players can bet on 3 bets: 1, x, 2, equivalent to the final result of the home team winning, drawing, or losing.

  • Over/Under Betting

The bookmaker will base on the total number of goals in the match and give a number and the player bets on Over or Under with the prediction that the actual number of goals will be higher or lower than the bookmaker’s offer.

Attractive side bets

Today’s bookmaker odds table also has many types of side bets to increase options for bettors:

  • Corner kick bet

This is a type of bet based on corner kick parameters and currently on the bookmaker’s odds table today there are: Handicap on corner kicks, Over/Under on corner kicks…

  • Bet on penalty cards

Regardless of the match result or number of goals, players will predict and place bets based on the yellow and red card parameters on the field.

  • First serve bet

Bettors need to guess which team will be able to play first.

  • Correct score bet

Players will have to accurately predict the final score of the match to place a bet.

How to read today’s bookie odds for newbies

As mentioned above, the betting methods at bookmakers are very diverse and it takes time to research and learn to be able to easily place bets. New88 football odds success.

We will provide you with the most detailed way to read the main types of bets:

Asian odds and how to read the odds board correctly

Asian Handicap According to many players, it is the most difficult to understand when looking at the bookmakers’ odds table. However, it can be understood better by reading it specifically as follows:

  • Symbol

This type of bet often appears on the odds table with the names Handicap/HDP/Asian Handicap.

  • Betting time

Full match (FT) or 1st half (HF or H1)

  • Team name

There are two teams whose names are specifically listed in the left corner of the odds table. The team above is considered the home team, and the team below is the guest. The symbol N appears next to the name in case two teams play on a neutral field.

  • The upper team according to the convention of most bookmakers is red, the lower team is blue or black.
  • Odds column: Right below the bet name will include 2 indicators:
  • Handicap ratio: The house provides a specific number equal to the upper team with frequently appearing ratios such as 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75,…
  • Odds: Odds are multiplied when the corresponding bet wins. This number is written on the same line as the team name

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Details on how to read European odds

European odds are easy to play and are chosen by most bettors when joining any bookmaker. Reading is also very easy as follows:

  • Symbol: 1×2
  • Booking time: Full match (FT) or 1st half (HF or H1)
  • Team name: Same as Asian handicap.
  • Rafter column part: Divided into 3 lines:
  • Top line: Corresponding is the winning rate if the home team wins and is correctly predicted by the player.
  • Middle line: Corresponds to the win rate of the away team that is correctly predicted by the player.
  • Last line. Corresponds to the win rate when the two teams are tied.

Read detailed Over/Under odds on today’s bookmaker odds table

Reading Over/Under odds is not too difficult as players only need to pay attention to the following information:

  • Symbol: Top/Bottom; O/U; Over/Under
  • Time: Full match (FT) or 1st half (HF or H1)
  • Team name: Same as Asian handicap.
  • Rafter column part: Consists of 2 parts:
  • Odds: Set by the house based on the number of possible goals in the match so players can rely on higher or lower predictions.
  • Odds: The index corresponding to the winning Over is written above and the winning Under is written below.

Where to see reputable bookmaker odds today?

Choosing any online platform, you can see today’s house odds table, but if you want to get accurate and detailed numbers, choose a reputable playground like  New88. This is an option that millions of bettors appreciate when they want to bet on Soccer.

Coming to the leading bookmaker today, players will have a detailed and diverse odds table for players to take the opportunity to choose their own victory.

Players can start predicting 4-6 days before the match starts when the odds table appears on the system to bring back rewards with high rates.

We have revealed information about today’s house odds and quality viewing addresses. Update odds table from bookmaker  New88, choose bets,betting experience Reasonably, players will quickly achieve the entertainment goals and bonuses they desire.

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