Soccer odds Calculation, betting markets and common mistakes

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, and betting on football matches has also become a large market. One of the important concepts when betting on football is football rate. In this article, we MB66 đối tác OKVIP will learn about soccer odds, how to calculate soccer odds and common mistakes that players often make.

What are soccer odds?

Football odds is the way in which a betting company or bookmaker predicts the outcome of a football match. This rate will indicate the probability of a team winning or drawing in a football match. In calculating football odds, the predicted score is decided based on many factors such as the strength of the team, confrontation history and injury situation of the players.

How to calculate soccer odds

There are many methods to calculate football rate, but the most common are:

European method

This method is widely used in Europe. European odds include two types: direct odds (1×2) and handicap odds (Handicap).

Direct odds: Used when two teams play against each other without much difference in strength. Odds are given for all three possible outcomes: team A wins (1), draw (X) or team B wins (2).

For example: The odds for the match between Liverpool and Chelsea are 1.80 – 3.60 – 4.50. If you bet $100 on Liverpool and Liverpool wins, you will receive $180.

  • Handicap: Used when there is a difference in strength between two teams. The house will offer a handicap to balance the strength between the two teams.

For example: In the match between Arsenal and Fulham, the bookmaker offers a handicap of -0.5 for Arsenal. If you bet on Arsenal and they win by 1-0 or more, you win money.

This method is popular in Asia. Asian odds include two types: Asian odds and over/under.

  • Asian Handicap: Unlike the European method, Asian Handicap has only two possible outcomes: win or lose. This gives players more chances to win their bets.

For example: In the match between Man Utd and Tottenham, the bookmaker offers an Asian handicap of 0.25 for Man Utd. If you bet on Man Utd and they win or draw, you will win money.

  • Over/Under: Over/Under is a bet that predicts the total number of goals in a match.

For example: In the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the bookmaker offers an over/under ratio of 2.5. If you bet on Over and the match ends with a total of 3 goals or more, you win money.

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Current football betting market

The soccer betting market has developed a lot over the years and there are many large bookmakers in the world. Some reputable bookmakers such as 188bet, Fun88, W88, Bet365, and famous betting companies such as Pinnacle Sports, SBOBET, Betfair and William Hill.

These bookmakers offer players a variety of bets, from European and Asian handicaps to over/under, win-half bets or no-loss bets. In addition, bookmakers also provide players with a number of special features such as live betting, quick betting and many interesting information about football matches.

Mistakes in evaluating football odds

Evaluate football rate is an important skill for successful betting. However, many players may make the following common mistakes:

Not understanding the team well

If you do not clearly understand the team you are betting on, you will not be able to accurately assess the team’s strength. This can lead to you betting on a weaker team without knowing it.

Not learning about the injury situation

The injury situation of the players is also an important factor affecting the result of the match. If a key player is injured and unable to play, this will affect the team’s performance.

Not thoroughly analyzed

For new players, the review football rate Can be based on feelings or lucky guesses. This will not bring you good results in betting.

Impact of side events on football odds

Theouter case events such as weather, political events, security issues and even the movements of fans can affect the rate. For example, if a match is played in inclement weather conditions, this could affect the players’ performance.

In addition, security issues can also affect the outcome of the match. For example, if a match is played in an area with a high risk of riots, this could affect the emotions of the players and the outcome of the match.

Analyze squad and player talent in soccer odds

Analyzing the squad and the talent of the players is a very important factor in the evaluation football rate. You need to know all the information about the squads of the two teams, from the main players to the reserve players.

In addition, you also need to evaluate the talent of the players and the effectiveness with which a certain player can influence the outcome of the match. One player can make the whole house adjustfootball rate if he cannot play due to injury or suspension.

Soccer odds and different types of bets

In addition to the bet types mentioned above,football rate There are also many other types of bets such as betting on the first goal, betting on the number of penalty cards or betting on the exact result of the match.

Betting on these types of bets requires players to have knowledge of football and analyze match situations accurately.

Websites provide reputable football odds information

Currently, there are many websites providing soccer odds information and information related to soccer. However, to ensure safety and reliability, you should choose reputable websites and have a business license from the authorities.


Football odds is a very important concept in betting on football. Players who are well-versed in soccer odds will have more chances to win bets and earn more money. However, to evaluate soccer scores accurately, you need to have knowledge about soccer and analyze the factors that affect the outcome of the match.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to side events and the injury situation of the players to make accurate judgments. If you are just starting to evaluate football rate, start with simple bets like European odds or Asian odds. Then, learn more about other types of bets and how to analyze match-related information.

Finally, always bet systematically and do not continue betting when you have lost too much. Hope this article has helped you understand better football rate and how to evaluate soccer odds for effective betting.


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