Learn How To Save Instagram Profile Photos

Learn How To Save Instagram Profile Photos

Instagram has turned out to be the most popular application for uploading pictures and videos that you want to share with others. This photo sharing app has millions of users across the world. On account of the fact that Instagram houses so many users, it becomes of immense importance for the team of Instagram to deploy certain security standards and protocols. Hence Instagram only offers you to see the profile picture of any other user on Instagram in a small circular thumbnail, rather than in full size.

But all of them at some point seek ways to enlarge that profile picture. You could either zoom in or capture a screenshot to zoom. Even if you try this on a PC, you can just save the tiny version of the picture that is not even clear. Instagram prohibits you from viewing a picture in full size or downloading a profile picture. this case stands still of your own profile picture as well you cannot download your own profile picture, all you can do is either remove or replace your profile picture.

How do you download profile picture on Instagram with so many restrictions?

In order to download profile pictures from Instagram, you can use multiple tools and applications available online. These third-party applications allow you to view and download profile picture in full size easily. but there are number of applications available online, once you search for them then how do you figure out which one is the best and safest.

Instazoom is a highly recommended and loved Instagram profile picture downloader app and software. This app is safe to use and abides by the regulations of Instagram. This does not cause any violation to any law or privacy of the person as this app just supports easy viewing of pictures that are already public. Contrary to other applications Instazoom provides you an easy way to view and download profile pictures without registering or attaching additional accounts and information. Isn’t that cool!

How to download Instagram profile picture using Instazoom:

In order to download your own profile picture that you might have lost otherwise or view and download profile picture of some other user in full-size and great resolution, Instazoom offers you its Instagram profile picture downloading tool. In order to access these tools follow the steps:

Step 1: In order to download someone’s profile picture, open Instazoom website on your browser or download the Instazoom app from play store for android devices and from the App store app for iOS.

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, launch the application on your device and navigate to the option of profile picture downloader and open it.

Step 3: In order to download someone’s profile picture you need to know their  exact username. For this launch Instagram app and navigate to the profile of the respective person.

Step 4: Now copy the username of the person and in case you want to download your own profile picture just copy your exact username.

Step 5: Now either type the username in the field provided or paste the username that you had copied. Instazoom opens up the profile picture of that person. It displays a downward arrow on the screen click on this arrow to download the profile picture directly into your gallery or phone storage.

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